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A family dentist should be able to do a few things. At a minimum, he or she should be able to treat both children and their parents. A family dentist also should be able to adapt to your family’s changing oral health needs as every member of the family gets older. You can find that at any Sunrise Dental location in the Research Triangle. We know that you are busy, and we know that the life of a parent is already complicated. We want to make your life a little easier by providing you with locations where you know you can go for all your family’s dental care. It shouldn’t matter if you need a cleaning, orthodontics, or a replacement for a lost tooth. We can handle all that and more at each of our dentist offices. Come visit us if you live in or near Durham, Raleigh, Cary, or Chapel Hill. Make Dental Care A Lifelong Habit Keeping your mouth healthy requires a commitment to good dental habits. This includes the things you do at home — brushing, flossing, trying to eat healthy — as well as your routine visits to your family dentist for cleanings and examinations. We encourage parents to bring their children to see us for the first time around their third birthdays. Our hope is to develop a relationship with your children at a young age so they will see our staff as people who care about them and want to help them. We also know this can go a long way toward reducing dental anxiety later in life. However, we do want you to know that we offer sedation dentistry for patients who do find the dentist office a little scary. General Dentistry We hope you and your family will visit us at least a couple times per year. We will use these visits to check for any changes in your teeth. We start with the basics. We look for signs and symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease. Our hope is that we will never find a problem, but the American Dental Association reports that more than half of kids will have a cavity between the ages of 5 and 9. For the sake of your child’s teeth and the sake your wallet, we would rather treat cavities as early as possible. We also watch for alignment changes that occur naturally as your children lose their primary teeth and their permanent teeth replace them. As your children get older, you may want to consider orthodontic treatment. While braces will work, you also may want to consider Invisalign®. This system can address many of the same issues that braces can but in a way that is often more comfortable for your child and more convenient for you since it will require fewer visits to the dentist than braces would. And we haven’t forgotten about the adults. We will watch for tooth decay and gum disease each time you visit us. We also do an oral cancer check. (Again, we hope we don’t find anything, but we will let you know right away if we see anything that should be looked at more closely.) Additional Preventive Measures Preventing oral health problems is the most effective approach. You can do some things above and beyond the standard treatments to help keep your loved ones’ teeth inside their mouths. ☐ Athletic Mouthguards Football season is underway and basketball is coming soon. Those are just two of the many high-impact sports that North Carolina children play every year. A custom-fitted athletic mouthguard is the best protection you can provide for your children’s teeth and jaws. We can help create one for your kids as well as any adults who are still active in recreational sports. ☐ Dental Sealants If you want to keep a pest from getting into your garden, you would put up a barrier that makes it harder for them to get to your vegetables. Well, bacteria are pests that want to eat into your teeth. Dental sealants can serve as a barrier to protect the teeth that are most likely to get cavities. ☐ Fluoride treatments Without getting into too much detail, fluoride is a mineral. It can strengthen and repair minor damage to the enamel on anyone’s teeth. Your Family Deserves High-Quality Dental Care And that’s exactly what you will find at any Sunrise Dental location in the Research Triangle. If you are new to our area or to our offices, call the location nearest to you to make an appointment for your family. Find out for yourself what we can do for your family.