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Why You Should Consider Getting Veneers

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Veneers are like good friends. They will do whatever they can to help you smile. And veneers can help with many issues that we are often asked to fix with cosmetic dentistry. We will get into the specifics in a moment, but you will find that veneers are incredibly versatile. You also may see them as a simple way to make multiple changes at the same time. And how can you get veneers? By calling the nearest Sunrise Dental to schedule a consultation. Our dentists will work with you whether veneers or another service will get the results you want to see. Just contact any of our offices in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, or Durham to get started on your new smile.   ➤ Would You Like A Whiter Smile? Considering how popular teeth whitening products have become, we are confident that many (maybe most) people would like to have whiter teeth. Veneers can help. Your teeth will naturally become yellower as you get older. That’s just part of life. Your teeth will gradually get a little darker unless the only thing you plan to consume is water. We plan on eating, and if we are being honest, we aren’t doing to drink water exclusively either. Many of us look forward to our morning coffee to help us get going. Many of us enjoy a glass of iced tea on warm afternoons. We like eating pasta with rich, delicious sauces, too. We also know that, in general, if something can stain a shirt, then it can stain our teeth, too. It takes longer for those stains to become visible on our teeth, but they are definitely there. Then again, stains are just one possible explanation for why your teeth change colors. You may have had an injury. You may have been ill. You may have had a reaction to medication. Veneers can address all those issues. Where teeth whitening products can remove stains (some more than others), veneers cover your teeth with a thin shell. This shell is made to look like teeth and it can be made as white as you would like it to be. And as an added bonus, veneers are more stain resistant than teeth, so your new white smile will stay that way for a long time.   ➤ Would You Like A Straighter Smile? Again, all we have to do is look at the facts. Millions of Americans go through orthodontic treatments every year, including millions of adults. Depending on the severity of someone’s misalignment and the kind of orthodontic care he or she receives, it may take several months or a few years before his or her teeth are straight. For people with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gaps between their teeth, veneers can change the appearance of their teeth in a matter of weeks. Veneers aren’t going to move your teeth. However, they can transform your smile. Whether you get porcelain veneers or Lumineers, they will be custom-fitted for your teeth. When they are in place, they can make your teeth look perfectly straight and evenly spaced — no crowding and no gaps.   ➤ Would You Like Your Teeth To Look Whole Again? As a group, people are hard on their teeth. We eat foods that are hard and crunchy. We use our teeth to open things (no matter how often people remind us not to do that). We hold things in our mouths. We chew on pencils and pens. We bite our fingernails. All of these things can cause chips in our teeth or cause our teeth to become worn down. If it’s just one or two teeth, you could get a dental crown or maybe have some dental bonding done. If it’s several teeth, then the most efficient way to fix it would be to get veneers. Just as they can make teeth look whiter and straighter, veneers can build your teeth up to their original shape, too.   Hollywood Here You Come (Maybe) If you are interested in a Hollywood smile, then veneers can give it to you. You’ve seen the celebrity smiles in the magazines. You too can have a smile that is sparklingly white, perfectly straight, and free from chips or signs of wear. Find out what veneers can do for you. Fill out our online form today or call the office closest to you to schedule a consultation. We have dentist offices in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Whether you aspire to be on the big screen or you just want to enjoy the confidence that comes from having a beautiful smile, Sunrise Dental and veneers could help make that happen.