Crown Lengthening

“Gummy” Smile?

Crown lengthening is typically used to repair a tooth that is not sticking far enough above the gum line. In order to properly repair the tooth, gum tissue and/or bone must be removed to expose more of the crown. Some people naturally have a lot of gum tissue surrounding their upper teeth, resulting in what dentists usually call a “gummy smile.” This can also be rectified using crown lengthening.

What does the procedure involve?

At your initial visit, we will review your medical history and X-rays before scheduling a date for the actual crown lengthening procedure. A cleaning may be needed before the procedure can take place. In some cases, the tooth in question may need a crown, and a temporary crown may be placed also for protection. It also makes the actual surgery easier, because the periodontist will be able to see how much soft tissue or bone needs removal. Local anesthesia is used, and the length of the procedure depends on the number of teeth that require it. The healing process typically takes about three months. Once the gum and surrounding area are fully healed, you will be scheduled for another office visit to have a new temporary crown placed before the final one is made. There are many things to consider before having this procedure done. At Sunrise Dental, we’ll make sure you fully understand everything before we begin the process. Call us with any questions or to make an appointment!