Gum Surgery

Types of Gum Surgeries

Sometimes, gum disease becomes bad enough that surgery is required to repair the damage. The following are the gum surgeries that we can perform at Sunrise Dental:

  • Pocket Reduction (AKA Gingival Flap Surgery) – the gums are folded back to remove bacteria present and secured against the teeth instead of being allowed to grow back naturally
  • Regeneration – gums are folded back as in pocket reduction, but bone grafts, membranes, or proteins may be inserts to encourage the gum to regenerate
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Soft Tissue Grafting – tissue is taken from elsewhere in your mouth and attached to the gums to replace lost or receded tissue

What to Expect

We will use a local anesthetic before performing any gum surgery, as well as clean your teeth first. Once the affected gums are folded back to access the tissue below, scaling and root planing will be used to clean below the gum line. This also smoothens out any rough spots on your teeth, which can promote recurrence of gingivitis.

Following the surgery, your gums will be stitched back into place. The stitches can be self-dissolving, but in some cases you will need to return to the office to have them removed. This usually occurs 7-10 days following the surgery.

Please call Sunrise Dental if you have any questions at all. It’s our goal to keep your mouth and oral health at an optimal level.