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Two Smile-Saving FAQs From Sunrise Dental | Durham, NC

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FAQ#1: Are metal fillings my only option for treating cavities?

A: No way! Dr. Vice is big on cosmetic dentistry solutions. As such, our North Carolina dentist’s office has a better way to get the job done: with tooth-colored fillings. Here at Sunrise Dental, we can employ metal-free, composite fillings to repair cavities without leaving any evidence behind! Contact us now to learn more.

FAQ#2: Can I fix a fractured tooth?

A: Yes! Through a cosmetic bonding procedure we can place a tooth-colored material directly on top of the problematic area to correct the look of your smile. Our North Carolina dentist’s office also offers dental veneers that can give you the perfect cover-up for all of your smile’s imperfections. Schedule your next visit with Dr. Vice to get started!