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A Dental Crown Could Solve Your Tooth Problem

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Do you have a tooth that is causing you a problem? When you look at your smile in the mirror, are you distracted by one particular tooth? What’s wrong with that tooth, and more importantly, what can you do about it? You can make an appointment at Sunrise Dental. We will look at your tooth and help you determine if a dental crown is what you need. Dental crowns are an excellent restorative dental product, and they can help you with a number of problems. To learn more about what dental crowns can do, keep reading, then make plans to visit a dentist at one of our four locations in the Triangle. We have offices in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. What’s Wrong With Your Tooth? Before we can determine if a dental crown is the best treatment to help with your problem, we need to examine your tooth in person. It will help you to understand the reasons our patients get dental crowns, however. Here are some of the more common problems we fix with dental crowns:
  • You have a weak tooth.
  • You have a decayed tooth.
  • You have a discolored tooth.
  • You have a broken or chipped tooth.
  • You have a misshapen tooth.
  • You have a tooth that has been worn down.
  • You have a tooth that has received multiple fillings.
In many cases, patients may experience more than one problem at the same time. A decayed tooth can also be discolored. A chipped tooth may feel weak. A tooth that has received multiple fillings may have become worn down as a result of all the work it has received. Other Reasons To Fix Your Tooth The various problems we mentioned can have other consequences for you. First and foremost, having a decayed, discolored, or otherwise ugly tooth can make you feel self-conscious. We have had many patients who were so concerned about how their teeth looked that they tried to avoid opening their mouths. When they spoke, they hid their teeth behind their hands. We don’t want you to feel so ashamed that you feel uncomfortable speaking or smiling. From a physical perspective, having a weak, worn down, or misshapen tooth can affect how you eat. This may make it difficult to bite and chew certain foods. You may think that chewing on the other side of your mouth will resolve this problem, and it might … for a while. This can lead to more problems down the road if you make one side of your mouth do more work than the other. Some people just quit eating those more difficult foods completely. You shouldn’t feel like you have to do that. With a dental crown, you can continue eating and enjoying all the foods that you love. What Happens When You Get A Dental Crown Getting a dental crown is a two-step procedure once we have determined this is what you need. During the first stage, we will make an impression of the tooth we will be replacing. This impression is sent to the dental laboratory that will make your dental crown. We will do a few more things during that visit. We will remove the parts of the tooth that are causing your problem. This involves reshaping your tooth into an abutment to remove any decayed, discolored, weakened, or oddly shaped parts. Before you leave, we will place a temporary crown on your abutment. The dental lab will need a couple weeks to complete your crown and return it to us. When it’s ready, you will return to our office and we will bond the dental crown to your tooth. Our dental crowns are made of zirconium. This is a strong and durable material that looks like one of your natural teeth. This means you will be able to smile with confidence, and you will be able to bite and chew any foods that you wish to eat. We also guarantee our dental crowns for five years for patients who keep their appointments for routine care. Fit For A King, Queen, And You Dental crowns are effective replacements for teeth that are damaged, decayed, or discolored. We’ve seen how they have helped patients at our offices in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, and our dentists know they could help you or someone you know, too. To schedule a visit  at any Sunrise Dental, call or click on the name of the location closest to you to fill out our online appointment form.