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How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking a painful experience. Enjoying a hot or cold beverage or meal becomes a complicated task as you try to chew carefully or wait for the food to become room temperature. Instead of ordering your life around sensitive teeth, minimize the impact they have by following a few of these simple tips.
Daily Care The toothpaste and toothbrush you use should be tailored to people with sensitive teeth. Shop for toothpaste that mentions being for sensitive teeth on the label and purchase a toothbrush with softer bristles. Brush your teeth gently, and don’t forget to rinse daily with mouthwash!
What to Avoid   Brushing six times a day may sound like a good idea, but this can actually make your teeth more sensitive. Avoid overbrushing; general recommendations are to brush once in the morning and once before bed, although you may want to brush an additional time after a particularly acidic meal. Also, steer clear of at-home teeth whitening kits that you find in stores. Instead, have a professional and experienced dental team whiten your teeth, as they will ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong during and after the treatment.
The Next Steps  If you have more questions and concerns, turn to a team like the one at Sunrise Dental. We can provide additional advice that’s personalized to you. No one should have to avoid the food and drinks they like due to tooth pain and sensitivity. These guidelines will help you avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth, so you’ll be able to enjoy teeth that are less sensitive, allowing you to fully partake in those hot cups of soup and frozen treats. Give Sunrise Dental a call to schedule an appointment. We can assist with all your general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry needs.