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Get the Whiter Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile, but what’s the secret to getting one? At Sunrise Dental, we don’t have any secrets for improving the appearance of your smile. Instead, we simply recommend our professional teeth whitening treatments to anyone who wants to get rid of their stained or discolored teeth! Store-bought teeth whitening kits or mouthwashes simply can’t live up to the results you’ll get from professional teeth whitening. If you’re still unsure if this treatment is the best way to get the smile of your dreams, keep reading to find out some of the benefits of professional teeth whitening.
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Our dentists know your mouth inside and out – literally. That means we can tailor a whitening solution to target specific problem areas and get the results you’re hoping for. You can also choose your preferred shade. The products you find at the drugstore cannot offer the customized solutions our professional whitening treatments can give you.
  • Professional Strength
  • You know that brushing your teeth twice per day is a good preventative measure, but you still need regular professional cleanings to maintain your oral health. The same thing applies to whitening treatments! We use whitening agents that are only available to dentists, which can give you more effective whitening that lasts longer than what the products available to consumers can provide.
  • Quick & Comfortable Experience
  • Some people may avoid professional whitening treatments altogether due to a fear of going to the dentist. Like the rest of our dental care services, we strive to make our patients comfortable during their whitening appointment. The treatment is quick and pain-free, and it has visible results. What more could you ask for? Now that you know the real difference between over-the-counter whitening treatments and those provided by dentists, you can take the next step toward having a beautiful, white smile you’re proud of! Give us a call at Sunrise Dental today to schedule your personalized teeth whitening appointment.