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Family Dentistry Can Be Comfortable, Caring, Comprehensive

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As important as family dentistry is to you, it’s equally important to every member of our team at Sunrise Dental. We care for patients who are as young as 2 years old and patients who are approaching their 100th birthdays.

When we say that family dental care is important, we want to include every member of your family. We hope that you will make routine dental care part of your family life, too.

We also want to make it as easy as we can for you to receive. We have four convenient dentist offices in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, and each of those offices can meet your family’s dental needs as you and your children get older.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or to make an appointment at any of our locations.  

Family Friendly Dentistry

Your life is busy whether you are newlyweds, are preparing for your first child, or already have multiple children to care for.

If we could, we would make every aspect of your life as simple as we could. As it is, we can help with your dental care. Rather than running all over town to different dentists for each member of your family, all of your loved ones can come to the nearest Sunrise Dental for family and general dentistry.

This starts with your son or daughter’s first dental cleaning. We want to make this a pleasant experience for your child.

Young children are welcome to sit on a parent’s lap during this cleaning and examination. Our goal is to help your son or daughter feel as comfortable as possible. This will reduce the chances that he or she will feel anxious about dental care as they get older.

Building good relationships with our patients is as important as keeping your mouths as healthy as we can.


Family Dentistry Means More Than Just Cleanings

You can expect personal and professional care at any Sunrise Dental location when you make appointments for your family.

We encourage every member of your family to visit us a few times throughout the year for a cleaning. Our dental hygienists will remove any tartar or plaque buildup that has developed on your teeth. We also will examine your mouth for oral health problems — gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer. If there is an issue, we want your treatment to begin early when it is less invasive and more effective.

Cleanings are just one way we try to prevent problems, however. Here are some of the other services we offer for your family:


➤ Fluoride treatments — The American Dental Association recommends using toothpaste with fluoride for you day-to-day brushing. Fluoride treatments can take that a step further.

Fluoride is a mineral. When it is applied to your teeth, it helps fight cavities by strengthening your enamel. Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth.

Fluoride treatments can repair minor damage to your teeth and make you enamel stronger. Both of these things make it more difficult for the bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay.


➤ Mouthguards — We can create a couple kinds of mouthguards to help protect your family’s teeth. The first mouthguard can be worn while you or your children sleep. Many people clench or grind their teeth in their sleep. This can wear down the enamel and increase your risk of tooth decay. A nightguard can keep you from grinding your teeth together.

Athletic mouthguards are just as important for anyone who plays high-impact sports. This includes basketball, football, wrestling, volleyball, and soccer. A custom-fitted mouthguard gives you and your children the best protection direct impact injuries as well as indirect injuries from frequent jumping, changes in speed, and changes in direction.


➤ Nutritional counseling — We all know that brushing and flossing our teeth is important to maintaining our oral health. However, the foods that we eat have a big effect as well. Too many sweets can make it easier for bacteria to grow, and that bacteria is what causes cavities and gum disease.

Member of the Sunrise Dental staff can take time to discuss the how the things you eat can help or hurt your oral health.


We Want To Be The Dentists For Your Family

Your entire family can receive the dental care you deserve at any Sunrise Dental location. We invite you to download our new patient forms if this is your first visit. This allows you to print the forms and fill them out prior to your arrival.

To make an appointment, all you have to do is contact the office that is most convenient for you. We hope to see you and your family in the near future.