If you hate the smile you currently have, you are not alone. Many patients come into one of our four area locations with the same feelings about their smiles as you probably have. If you are embarrassed to show off your smile, sick of living with a smile you aren’t proud of, and desperate to change the way you look, we have a few different solutions for you.


We offer Invisalign short-term orthodontics to our adult patients who want to achieve the straight, beautiful smile they have always wanted. The system is made up of a series of clear plastic aligners that are changed out every two weeks to create the shift — over about a year’s time, you will see the results you desire. In addition to being nearly invisible, Invisalign aligners are convenient and comfortable to wear. They are removable for eating, drinking, and special occasions and will not cause cuts or scrapes like metal brackets. Try that with traditional metal braces! Invisalign can solve all sorts of orthodontic problems. It might just be the solution you have been looking for. For more information, visit our service page on Invisalign.

Professional Whitening

Right now, we are offering a $99 professional in-office whitening deal! You can get brighter, whiter teeth in just about 20 minutes with our new Sinsational Smile® whitening method. We also offer take-home custom whitening trays, but they do take a few weeks to see major results. If you are looking for a cosmetic option that can truly help your smile shine, consider our professional teeth whitening services.

Other Cosmetic Options

In addition to Invisalign and whitening, we offer a variety of cosmetic options that can be offered separately or together to create the results you desire. Let’s talk about them briefly:

  • Veneers — The quickest way to create the biggest change. You can achieve a truly Hollywood-perfect smile with our veneers. Correct all sorts of cosmetic issues like chips, fractures, stains, disfiguration, gaps, and more.
  • Tooth Bonding — We can use a composite resin material to fill or hide minor imperfections such as chips or stains. This is simple, noninvasive, inexpensive procedure.
  • Gum Reshaping — Have an overly gummy smile? We can reshape your gumline use laser dentistry to give you the appearance you desire.

Learn more about each of these cosmetic options (and more!) by visiting our service page here. We will be happy to help you choose which of these options will best suit your specific needs. To schedule an appointment,  please call us or send us a message via our online form. We can’t wait to meet you!