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A Dentist’s Guide: Best Halloween Candy

We do not promote the consumption of sugary substances that promote tooth decay, however, we are aware that Halloween is right around the corner and that means one thing: candy by the masses. In fact, did you know that people spend $2-$4 billion dollars on Halloween candy every year? It’s pretty scary to think how that much candy translates into dental costs. While this might be a dentist’s least favorite holiday, we don’t discourage people from dressing up, trick-or-treating, and enjoying the spooktacular holiday.
The bottom line is: not all candy is created equal when it comes to oral health. Halloween is a good time for parents and caregivers to educate children about good choices for their teeth. As a dentist, these are the best five treats that we would recommend eating that aren’t bad for your oral health:  
    1. Sugar-free gum: Chewing gum stimulates a higher rate of saliva flow which, in turn, washes away food particles, keeping your teeth clean.
  1. Peanut butter cups: Just like regular chocolate, these treats disappear quickly and have a smaller chance of sugar build up on your enamel.
  2. Powdery candy: Pixie sticks may be equivalent to colorful sugar, however, the texture of powdery candy allows the candy to dissolve quickly so that it doesn’t stick to one’s teeth and product acid that can cause cavities.
  3. Chocolate: Chocolate melts quickly in your mouth and rarely stick to teeth. On another note, you should avoid chocolate with caramel or sticky fillings.
  4. Sugar-free lollipops: Just like sugar-free gum, lollipops also generate saliva production, which flushes away bacteria from teeth, tongue, and gums.
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