September 1, 2016
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What Is a Root Canal? How Do You Treat It?

The two scariest words to hear in a dentist office might be “root canal.” We wish that wasn’t the case. Root canal treatments have a reputation […]
August 3, 2016
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Don’t Be Like John, Treat Your Toothache

John* is worried. His tooth has been hurting for a few weeks. It started small. He first noticed pain when he chewed with certain teeth, so […]
July 13, 2016
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Your Guide To Root Canals [graphic]

In spite of what you may have heard, root canal treatments can be done comfortably and painlessly. Your infected tooth may be causing pain, but a […]
June 15, 2016
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Should You Remove A Tooth Or Get A Root Canal?

Your tooth hurts. You’ve known that it has been hurting for, well, for longer than you care to say. In that time, the pain has gotten […]
March 29, 2016
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A Root Canal Could Save Your Teeth

In this year’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said something we couldn’t help noticing. He was talking about one of the more controversial […]