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The Smith family* is looking for a new family dentist. They recently moved to the area. Mrs. Smith grew up here, but her old dentist retired years ago. Like many families, they want their children’s teeth to be as healthy as they can be. They want a dentist who will do more than just provide basic care. They want a general dentist who offers additional preventive options as well. After talking to their new neighbors and their co-workers, they decided to give Sunrise Dental a try. With four convenient locations, they knew they could find an office near their home and their employers. * The Smiths are not a real family, but they are meant to represent any family seeking dental services. Dad During their first visit, the Smiths scheduled cleanings and examinations for the whole family. Mr. Smith sat down in the dentist chair and immediately started asking questions about the equipment he’d seen in their office. Many of it was different from what his family’s previous dentist had in his office. The Sunrise Dental staff explained that one machine was a cone beam CT scanner. In a way, it’s like a miniaturized CAT scan. In a matter of minutes, it can take hundreds of images of a patient’s head. Those images can be assembled using a computer to create a three-dimensional model of his teeth and the supporting bone structure. The staff also explained that the digital X-rays were simple to use. Mr. Smith also appreciated that the X-ray process was easier on him as a patient, too. During his cleaning, the staff noticed that Mr. Smith’s gums started bleeding. He admitted that he didn’t floss as regularly as he should. The staff didn’t judge him, but they did review the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing daily. At this point, they said he was showing the symptoms of gingivitis, which he could treat by improving his flossing habits. If he didn’t, then his gingivitis could turn into periodontitis, which is an advanced form of gum disease, and something that would require a dental appointment to correct. Mom Mrs. Smith was glad to be back in her home state of North Carolina. When she made the appointment, she had shared that she experience some minor anxiety whenever she went to the dentist. She was grateful to find out that Sunrise Dental offered sedation dentistry at each of their locations. She explained that she usually receive nitrous oxide when she came in for a cleaning, and they provided the “laughing gas” during her visit as well. After removing the plaque and tartar from her teeth, the staff turned off the gas, and she felt like herself again. Before she left, she told the staff that she wanted to help her family started eating healthier. They explained that they also provided nutritional counseling to help her and other patients who wanted to make healthier choices about the foods that they eat. Daughter The final visit was with the Smith’s daughter, Sally. Since this was her first visit to a new dentist, her mother stayed with her during the cleaning and examination. The staff was so attentive and so caring. They even got Sally a blanket so she would feel warm and cozy while she was in the dentist’s chair. Before Sally was finished, the dentist asked if the Smiths would be interested in any additional preventive services. One of those services is fluoride treatments. You may already be aware that the American Dental Association recommends using toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride treatments and varnishes are a great way to make your teeth a little healthier. Fluoride is a mineral. When it’s applied to your teeth, it can repair minor damage and it can strengthen the protective enamel on the outside of your teeth. Sally mentioned that she would be playing soccer soon. The staff also mentioned that the may be able to help with that too. Athletic mouthguards are suggested for any high-impact sport, including soccer. A properly fitting mouthguard is a great way to help protect Sally’s teeth from injuries and accidents. A New Dental Home If you are looking for a new dentist (like our fictional Smith family), then we invite you to visit the Sunrise Dental office closest to you. We have dentists in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham who are ready to meet your family’s dental needs. If you would like to learn more about, just call the office that is most convenient for you or fill out our online form. We are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice.